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jess was shot and left for dead


hi im jessy

July 26th, 2016 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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hello im jess im 6yrs old and i went out one night mouse hunting and heard a very loud noise,next thing i knew i was on the floor crying and in a lot of pain with red stuff all over me,i was scared so tried to go home to my mummy but i couldnt walk,i was so scared and wanted my mummy,i cried and cried and she didnt come,so i dragged myself into a hedge and waited and waited feeling really scared a very weak,i must of fallen asleep,when i suddenly heard a voice “jessy jessy fat boy where are you” oh its my mummy but im too weak to shout at her,mummy was calling and calling and she suddenly walked near the hedge and i let out a little cry “mummy im here” well mummy heard me and bent down and started to cry i was very poorly and my mummy took off her cardigan and wrapped me up like  a baby,and ran as fast as she could to a strange smelling place,i was at the vets,the vet took me and ran in the back room and mummy was so sad waiting,after  along long time the vet told my mummy i had been shot in the leg and it was so bad id have 3 legs forever.i was a good boy and in lots of pain but i soon heard the voice in the distance “jessy jessy fat boy” it was my mummy come to take me home where i will live forever and ever beeing spolit……now my poor mummy has a realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BIG bill to pay and mummy is poorly too so cant work………….412443_3484274674770_437969532_o

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